Our Story

We love wine. We love dogs.

Keep reading if you're one of those people that need to know more than that...


About the Wine

Why is it so difficult to find a great bottle of wine at a reasonable price?  After pondering this question (over several delicious bottles) we stumbled on the answer.  Knowledge! Studies have shown that only 3% of the wine drinking population actually knows what the hell they're drinking. (OK... we just made that up, but you get it).  Next, assuming we could get past the first question, why is it do difficult to procure it?  Simplicity!  I mean, anyone can set up an account with an online vendor and bla bla bla... but 97% of us are also too lazy.  So we set out to make it easy to learn about great wines as well as procure them.


About the Dogs

This one was pretty obvious.  Once we had people interested in our wine selections, why not make it simple for them to support great causes? Again - Knowledge & Simplicity!  See what we did there ;)  We'll do the work to find great dog charities and make it easy for people to support them.  


Our Mission

Pretty much what we just said above.  Full Disclosure: We're just getting started with this (and have never done anything like it) so patience is appreciated!